Thursday, August 21, 2008


I never found haviannas comfortable - I know, a summer cardinal sin, but I prefer sandals over flip flops. That didn't stop me from buying my nieces a pair each so they could be the coolest kids on the Mediterranean beach this summer. Heck yes they are.

I am never full - and I just don't know what it is… maybe I have tapeworm? I'm also always tired, I think there's a correlation between the two...

M&S underwear just isn't comfortable - finally, someone had to say it!

I had a crush on Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid - if grown men can think a half woman half fish is attractive, then an 8 year old girl can have a crush on a cartoon character. He's charming!

I like my job - which is why I never complain about the work and try not to moan about it when it gets tough. I'm proud of what I do and who I work for.

I still sleep with a stuffed toy - two actually. Bryan the mouse (named after Bryan Adams) and Charlie the bear (named after Charlie George).

I used to hate the treadmill - and now I love it. When you need to run, you need to run. It doesn't matter where you are or how you do it as long as you do it. It's the only time my mind is completely clear and sometimes I go to the gym just so I can stop worrying and give my brain a break. I also find jogging in the park on the Wii Fit strange - jogging through a virtual world? Creepy.

I don't like trance music - or house, or progressive, or whatever it is that is so popular now days. Who are these DJs? Why is this music so cool? Doesn't it do people's heads in? There is some music that I find good, but a lot of the stuff is just beyond me, I just don't get it.

I swear a lot in my mind - but not so much out loud. Sometimes I shock myself with the creative swear words I can come up with but make it a point never to swear out loud because it's not ladylike.

I don't like going to the movie theatre - unless it's a movie I really want to watch. If I do go to the cinema, it has to be with one other person and a big bucket of popcorn. Otherwise, movies can wait until they're out on DVD and I'm in my pyjamas, ready to watch them from the comfort of my couch.

I think fireworks are romantic - something about them...

I'm old fashioned - and I like it. I like men opening doors for women, polite children, sitting down at a table for dinner with your family, kissing my parents foreheads, [not swearing out loud], little rituals I don't really see anymore but try to maintain as much as I can.

I like mums that looks like mums - and not mums that look like supermodels. No sharing R&R jeans with your mother, that shouldn't be permissible.

I like expensive things - and to follow that...

I love bargains - I don't blow my credit card every time I see something I like, but the word Sale sends palpitations through my body. I blame it on being a woman.

I hate adding cold milk to hot tea - hot milk, hot tea, that's the combo.

I don't like bananas - I just don't. The texture, the smell, the action of peeling a banana makes me feel like a monkey which I am not, therefore, I don't like bananas.

I don't know if I could go back to London long term without Mr. Seroo - now what says love better than that?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summmer is survey time

Because the sun has fried my brains - here's some mindless "one-word-reply" reading...

1. Where is your cell phone? Drawer
2. Your significant other? Hospital
3. Your hair? Curls
4. Your mother? Superstar
5. Your father? Humorous
6. Your favorite thing? Blushing
7. Your dream last night? N/A
8. Your favorite drink? Chai
9. Your dream/goal? Unique
10. The room you're in? Office
11. Your worries? Forgotten
12. Your fear? Unknown
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Partner (!)
14. Where were you last night? Restaurant
15. What you're not? Passive
16. Muffins? No
17. One of your wish list items? Book
18. Where you grew up? Village
19. The last thing you did? Coffee
20. What are you wearing? Pearls
21. Your TV? Unimportant
22. Your pets? Nonexistent
23. Your computer? AURGH
24. Your life? Progressing
25. Your mood? Antsy
26. Missing someone? London
29. Favorite Store? Selfridges
30. Your summer? Work
31. Like someone? Love
32. Your favorite color? Pink
33. When is the last time you laughed? Always
34. Last time you cried? Forgot?
35. Person who sent this to you? Asda
36. Who will resend? Anybody

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