Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back to London tonight

In a bullet proof vest
With the windows all closed
I'll be doing my best

And I'll see you soon

In a telescope lens
And when all you want is friends
I'll see you soon

- See You Soon, Coldplay


Butterfly said...

Have a safe trip and come back soon.

I hope that you will be here when for the third female bloggers meeting.

Take care. said...

You have a safe trip there. Take care of London for me, she very well knows I miss her all too much

Um Naief said...

maybe we can get together when you come back. how long will you be staying for? gosh, i need a vacation or just need to get away!

Reem said...

ohhh u've left! sorry i didnt get a chance to say goodbye!! ur not going to be here for emani's wedding!!!!!!!!!! noooooooooo who am I gonna party with???

:''''''''' (

btw.. i was asked when urs would be... dunno who thot it would be so sooono!

Seroo said...

Butterfly, thank you sweetheart, it was really nice meeting you the other day... inshallah again soon! =)

Ammaro, London is so grey I feel like I'm in a black and white film.

Um Naief, we should get together when I'm back and hopefully I'll be leading a less hectic lifestyle (doubt it!) =) I'll be gone for a good couple of months but I'm hoping to be back in March to catch my brother & my Niece #1's Birthdays...!

Reem, I was gone with a *poof* for a reason =) I'll come back for good next time and we can party all you want! And as for wedding plans, I'll keep you informed on when those will be... definitely not within the next 6 months, that's for sure! x

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