Thursday, January 31, 2008

My life at the moment

Clearly since my life recently has just been about my work, I haven't had much to say, or perhaps a better way to put it is that I just haven't had the time to sit down and blag away here so I've had to resort to showing you some measley photos I've taken and hope that it will suffice as an explanation of what it is I am up to at the moment.

Which as you can see, isn't much.

My phone.

My afternoon snack.

My walk in the morning.

My view leaving the office.

Maybe I'll do a camera phone "day in the life" as inspired by Twix. That could do it for me.


ammaro said...

lovely phone.

post more london please :( i miss london.

Seroo said...

Lovely phone - it took me 3 months to figure out how to listen to my voice messages!

Will post up more photos soon, just changed departments so hopefully I'll have some spare time on my hands...

Christine said...

That looks like one hi-tech phone!

It's hard to blog when you're working. I feel your pain :)

Seroo said...

Thank you for feeling my pain, even though I'm sure your work surroundings are far nicer than mine (don't let that hi-tech phone fool you!).

It's been hard, but maybe now I'll have more time to keep this up... let's see...

Um Naief said...

i didn't realize you were working in london! is it temporary while in school or no?

hopefully the rain has cleared and the days are brighter now.

i hate that feeling that night is upon you during the winter months and working. that was always so hard when i'd leave the office and the rest of the world was asleep! or so it felt.

Seroo said...

:) Not temporary I'm afraid my dear, I've been working for the past year and a half here in London and soon my "permanent" time here will come to an end and I'll be back in Bahrain to continue working there... I'll be happy to come back to a nice sunny morning, afternoon and evening, as well as a car to drive to work and a nice home cooked meal every once in a while to keep me going... Early nightfall was a downer during the winter, I'm so glad it's almost spring...

I can't complain of dark nights now, the weather was lovely this weekend and I made the most of it. The weather is starting to look up just as I'm getting ready to leave...!

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