Thursday, December 11, 2008

Living the life that I can't leave behind

New Order and Frente aside (the latter being my personal favourite), it is safe to say that I am back in Bahrain, whoop whoop.

I will probably be here for the next few years. I am temporarily ending my love affair with London.

I do miss my friends over there, more so then I imagined I would. You never realise how much fun it is to spend a lot of your working day with your friends, they made my days that much more bearable. Our daily Cake Break (which will not be known as CB) was very important for my overall sanity, especially when there is lemon loaf cake in the tuck shop - yum yum. Some of the best things about working with your friends is being able to go to someone when you're feeling down or share your feelings about certain skanks around the office (who wears multi coloured lace patterned tights to the office? Seriously, just take your job seriously). Plus coming back to a small office is difficult when you're used to being amongst hundreds of people every day, the element of anonymity is nonexistent here - but it's all about my favourite word, adjusting.

Living at home again is manageable, the promise of moving out in a few months is what is really keeping me going. Now all the grown up stuff comes along - planning a big do, furnishing a flat, sorting out little things that I never had to think of before like matching pyjamas and organising sock drawers. Can't put it off much longer, I'll be getting married in a few months to Mr. Seroo so we need to get cracking. I know that once we've synchronised our lives then things will fall into place and I can wait until then I think. I just have to keep focused at the task at hand and not get too emotional about it. One step at a time and it will all fall into place, insha'Allah (fingers crossed, knock on wood, kiss a shrunken rabbit's head and the whole lot).

I'm bored with blogging - is it now so 2004? I think so. I'm also sick of talking about the world financial crises but it seems that that is all there is to talk about so I think I can stick it out and make conversation about it for a little bit longer (remember, this is a recession and not a depression). The morale in Bahrain is no better and it feels as if people are finally realising that we are indeed destructible if the forces above chose to push us over. Depressing, but not the end of the world just yet.

Otherwise, I'm still skipping along. A few projects are in the pipeline and as always, I am doing too many things at the same time. What did you expect? I haven't changed at all.


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

hope you enjoyed the Russel Peters show though! ;)

bint battuta said...

Welcome back - and I hope to see you soon, in a quiet moment amidst your wedding preparations...

Anonymous said...

I ended my love affair with London also to go back to Saudi, i threw out all my brollys ehehheheheheeheheheheehhehehehe

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